About Me

About Me

For the Shetland Islands Council Elections 2017 I have chosen to create website to cover some of the issues that I feel important, to share some information about myself and to offer a means of contact for anyone who wishes to get in touch. Please feel free to use the contact page if you would like any further information, or to discuss anything herein.

I stay in the village of Scalloway and have done for most of my life. I live with my partner and her daughter.

I volunteer in a number of roles within our community and have done for over 7 years. Amongst these I am chair of the Scalloway Community Council and serve as a trustee for the Youth Centre Trust and Scalloway Public Hall Trust and do voluntary work for the Scalloway Museum as part of the extended committee.

I am involved in a number of creative community fundraising events, encouraging young people to be active and families to come together in fun or rewarding activities, while raising funds for valuable local causes.

My voluntary activities are roles I have always found rewarding and I would continue be involved in the community regardless of the outcome of the election.

For paid work, I am a contracted part time instructor in IT at the Shetland College. I enjoy working with students, helping them learn and achieve in an educational setting. I am also a columnist for the  Shetland Times, reporting on issues and events within the local community. This places me in touch with community events, the school, youth services activities and the weekly routines of Scalloway Harbour. I am also a professional photographer and web designer. I have been registered self employed since 2008. I am not, nor have ever been, affiliated to any political party.

For leisure time I take to the hills with the dog, do garden or building work, or enjoy the more tranquil wildlife and nature photography.

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